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What's Happening at Sticky Feet Reptiles

Mandrake has been paired up with Venus, and with Maple so far this season! We're hoping for some fertile eggs in about a month! Nightshade still has a few grams to gain before we will put her in for breeding, so look forward to updates on her in the coming weeks!  Tomorrow night we will be pairing up some of our dalmations, and black and creams! 
We decided the gecko room needed a renovation to make some extra space for growing geckos, and anticipated hatchlings.  We are adding more shelves, and moving things around a bit, and will be posting updated photos soon!
We attended the White Plains Reptile Show this weekend, and were excited to meet several fellow breeders we have had contact with online.  It was nice to put faces to names, and to "talk shop" a bit!
ALSO: The website has been updated!  We have added a photo gallery, links, and have a basic care sheet posted.