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About Us

About Sticky Feet Reptiles
Sticky Feet Reptiles is a growing business run by a husband and wife pair, located in Central Pennsylvania. We currently specialize in Rhacodactylus ciliatus (Crested Geckos), and hope to soon branch out to other Rhacodactylus species. We have built our collection with geckos we believe to be high quality, with a focus on structure, high contrast, and in some cases, lots and lots of spots!
About the Owners
Megan: I grew up in Central Pennsylvania surrounded by farms, countryside, family, and of course, family pets, and because of this childhood, my love of animals has only grown over the years.  I didn't become obsessed with reptiles however until I obtained my first bearded dragon at a reptile expo (with a little encouragement from a friend).  My interest grew exponentially, and eventually turned to Crested Geckos, which is now evident from this website.
Greg: I also grew up in Central Pennsylvania, but instead of having a love of reptiles like Megan did, I was a bit reptile phobic.  It took getting our first pair of Cresties at a local reptile expo to open my eyes to how amazing the reptile world is, and to truly give me an appreciation and love of these little critters