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About Us
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Here at Sticky Feet RepWe are a husband and wife team with a love for reptiles.
About the Owners
Megan: I grew up in Central Pennsylvania surrounded by farms, countryside, family, and of course, family pets, and because of this childhood, my love of animals has only grown over the years.  I didn't become obsessed with reptiles however until I obtained my first bearded dragon at a reptile expo (with a little encouragement from a friend).  My interest grew exponentially, and eventually turned to Crested Geckos, which is now evident from this website.
Greg: I also grew up in Central Pennsylvania, but instead of having a love of reptiles like Megan did, I was a bit reptile phobic.  It took getting our first pair of Cresties at a local reptile expo to open my eyes to how amazing the reptile world is, and to truly give me an appreciation and love of these little critters